CatSynth pic: Tics Programming the RE-303

Tics the cat programs a RE-303. Submitted by Dennis Matana via Facebook.

You can find out more about the RE-303 project. It’s a recreation of the legendary Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer.

CatSynth pic: Cat Video Synth

From Steven Franks via Facebook page.

My new Cat video synth. Looks great!

It does indeed look great. You can find out more at the Cat Full of Ghosts Electronics Facebook page or their website.

It does indeed look great. You can find out more at the Cat Full of Ghosts Electronics Facebook page or their website.

CatSynth video: Dicking Around with Braids, Rings, and other DIY crap

From Sean Pendleton on YouTube, via matrixsynth.

“Love Rings and Braids, need to build more of both. I can’t wait to build Clouds and Elements. Klee is controlling the Rings, Turing machine on the Braids. Drums are a Corny Rhythm controlling a Barton Analog Drum, Decaying noise, and Synthrotek DSM. Radio Music and Wogglebug are making noise in the background. Kept things simple.”

CatSynth pic: Support for Luna from Merce

Support for Luna from Merce the cat

As we prepare for Luna to go tomorrow for her next surgery, we received this wonderful picture and note from our friend Merce the cat on Twitter:

@catsynth Go, Luna! You got this!

CatSynth pic: SoundMachines NS1nanosynth

Cat and NS1nanosynth

Submitted by Davide Mancini via our Facebook page.

“Nanosynth or MegaCat?”

More on the NS1nanosynth can be found here.

CatSynth pic: Cat on Prototype Synth (in Space)

Cat on prototype synth in space

By Bob Porvan via the group Cats on Synthesizers in Space, and shared to us via Facebook. The synth is apparently a mock-up or prototype, but the cat is clearly all over it 🙂

CatSynth pic: Mr. Fluff and Circuit-bent Keyboard

Mr. Fluff and circuit-bent keyboard.

Mr. Fluff shows off his circuit-bending skills. From eevolute on Instagram.

Mr. Fluff is back on the job! #catsynth #synthcat #fluffy #catsofinstagram #catastic #synthesizer #studio

CatSynth pic: Merce and Synth (for Luna)

Merce and DIY Synth

A sweet picture from Merce the cat with an interesting DIY synth on Twitter in support of Luna.

“@catsynth thanks for the updates. Glad to hear Luna is in good spirits!”

CatSynth pic: Paws and Wires crossed for Luna

We have been blessed to receive so many warm wishes for Luna over the past few days, including a few in the form of CatSynth Pics. Here is one Merce (@merce_the_cat) via CatSynth.

Merce the cat

@catsynth hang in there, Luna! I’m keeping my paws and wires crossed for you

CatSynth video: Cat Music

From Circuit Ben on YouTube, via matrixsynth.


The “cat music” does indeed appear to be having a soporific effect on the cat.