Burbed does Chappaqua

Fun at burbed with my hometown:

Burbed serves his readers. (Sometimes late though.) I thought it would be fun to see what $999,000 buys you in Chappaqua – home of CatSynth and Hillary Clinton…

You will have to go see for yourself what the $999,000 buys you in Mountain View 😉

Worthless Kitty Interlude: Cheering up with "Burbed"

It's the rare website that truly earns the title “I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats!” Burbed is definitely one of them. A colleage at work introduced me to it on Friday, and although this past weekend has seen a lot of ups and downs for me, I know I can count on Burbed for a good laugh at the expense of some of the Bay Area's worst real-estate deals. They just finished up Daly City week (for the geographically challenged: Daily City is a town just south of San Francisco), including priceless but overpriced gems like this SFMOMA permanent collection special.

If you live or own real estate in the Bay Area (as I suppose I do), you can probably appreciate the humor. If not, here's an opportunity to peer into the housing bubble and laugh at us.

If you don't think this site is funny, you are strange and weird.

It's also a reminder that my little foray into California real estate has worked out quite well on balance…