Weekend Cat Blogging #114: Sundance

This weekend is nominally being hosted by our friend Upsie, Sundance and Sher at What Did You Eat:

However, there is sad news about Sundance – for those who haven't followed the Weekend Cat Blogging, he is the orange kitten. He has been very ill this week, and it turns out he has FIP, a horrible disease, that is almost always fatal. He has quickly gone from being an energetic and mischievous kitten to unable to eat and drink on his own.

UPDATE: Sher and family made the difficult decision yesterday to let Sundance go. He is gone, but no longer suffering or in pain.

Our thoughts here at CatSynth will be with Sher and family this weekend. We, too, will miss Sundance – he was a sweet kitten we watched grow on Weekend Cat Blogging, and saying good-bye is very sad. We echo Sher's words:

He always seemed delighted when he saw us and brought great happiness and laughter to our lives. And that is why it was worth having him with us, even for such a brief time.

WCB is going on at What did you Eat, where Sundance is remembered with words and photos. We are also participating in the Friday Ark #151. We will have a separate post for Bad Kitty Chaos and Carnival of the Cats later this weekend.