CatSynth Pic: UDO Super 6

Our Maine Coon friend is back, this time with a brand new UDO Super 6 synthesizer. From lwxbeats on Instagram.

#udosuper6 landed home today and she can’t wait to play with it! 😃

The UDO Super 6 takes inspiration from Roland Jupiter series (one can see this in the switches, sliders, etc.), but is its own instrument, using FPGAs to implement the oscillators and sporting a binaural architecture with separate voices for each stereo channel. We at CatSynth would be very curious to try this out.

CatSynth Pic: Moog Mother-32, Subharmonicon, and DFAM

A beautiful Maine Coon cat with a trio of Moog semi-modular synthesizers: the Mother-32, the Subharmonicon, and the DFAM. From lwxbeats on Instagram.

She loves #semimodular ❤️

CatSynth Pic: Giuliano and MPC Live

Handsome Giuliano poses with an Akai MPC Live. From automageddon on Instagram.

Giuliano and MPC Live: Maine Coon Production Centre

CatSynth Pic: Maine Coon and Modular

Cute maine coon kitten with modular synthesizer.  I see a Make Noise Rene peeking out from under her, next to Harvestman and Serge modules.

From chichi_response on Instagram.

I will make the sounds for you

You can see a previous post from chichi_response here.

CatSynth video: Maine Coon on Supernova II Synthesizer

Maine Coon doing a gig on a Supernova II synthesizer. By DawnmistStudio on YouTube. Submitted by Heather Coleman via our Facebook page.

“My Maine Coon teaching me some tips…”

There is a brief vocal solo on top of the electronics in the video 🙂

CatSynth pic: A Minimoog Saved from Fire & Juno the Maine Coon Kitten

On matrixsynth, where you can read more and link to more pictures of the synth. Below are some excerpts:

via Jorge: “This is Juno my new Maine Coon Kitten sitting on my Prized Minimoog D…

…Almost 2 years ago I got this Mini From Craigslist Virginia, Funny thing though is that the guy that had it happened to go to the same High School I went to in the early 80’s.

He said he got it when he worked at Venamin’s Music in Springfield VA, working as a manager in the 80’s. This Mini Spent most of its life in his Basement studio and survived a fire that burned the entire house down except a closet that was in his basement where the Mini was stored in an Anvil case…