Leo, Access Virus, Roland SP404sx, Arturia Keystep Pro

Leo is clearly proud of his minimalist road-ready setup featuring an Access Virus, Roland SP404sx, and Arturia Keystep Pro. Submitted by our friend @6bq9music via Twitter.

Here are some more pics of Leo with his setup.

Something interesting out the window
OK, that’s enough

Panda with Elektron, Sequential, Access, and Nord

Panda the tuxedo cat holds court in a square of keyboards. He has some impressive offerings from Elektron, Sequential, Access, and Nord. From Andras Karoly via Facebook.

Here is a close-up of Access Virus keyboard.

CatSynth Pic: Leo, Access Virus TI, Roland SP404sx, and Arturia BeatStep Pro

Leo steps up to perform on an Access Virus TI synthesizer. Above him are a Roland SP404sx and Arturia BeatStep Pro. From our friend @6bq9music on Twitter.

CatSynth Pic: Synth Cat and Access Virus TI

This cat a nice cushy napping spot next to an Access Virus TI Polar or WhiteOut Edition. Submitted by Vahakn Ma‎ via our Facebook page.

Just a regular synthcat….

Well, every “regular synthcat” that appears on CatSynth is special 😺. But this cat also has an interesting synth. This appears to be a Virus TI Polar Edition – white-on-white.

You can hear Ma’s music as Harky DJ here.

CatSynth Pic: Pearl and Virus TI

Adorable Pearl sits atop an Access Virus TI synthesizer.  And they match, too 😻.  From ‎Stefano Daksha Pettinelli‎ via our Facebook page.

Pearl loves the Virus TI ❤️

CatSynth pic: Cat, Access Virus TI2 and Elektron Analog


Cat peeking out next to Access Virus TI2 and Elektron Analog synthesizers. From puxflux on Instagram.

CatSynth pic: Cat and Access Virus (headed into space)

Cat with Access Virus synthesizer being launched into space

We’re back after a week-long break, and to symbolize the start of good things, we have a cat on an Access Virus synthesizer being launched into space. From Cats on Synthesizers in Space.

CatSynth pic: Studio Cat, Access Virus TI, Cubase, Kontakt

Studio Cat with Virus TI, Cubase, Kontakt

Cats and beats are a thing this week. Via Techno-iD●com on Twitter.

“@_JLouise_: The studio cat about to drop the beats. #digico #DS-00 #cubase #kontakt #virusti ”

We leave it up to the reader to spot the Virus TI.

CatSynth pic: Access Music – Virus Indigo SN G10000897

Access Virus Indigo

Via matrixsynth, where you can see more pics of the synth.

CatSynth pic: Mister Boo and Access Virus

Submitted by Mickle Boulevard via our Facebook page.

“Me me meow! Next we check the virus, says mix enginner Mister Boo”

Mickle Boulevard also participated in Weekend Cat Blogging that we just hosted.