CatSynth pic: Giuliano, part 2

Today we have another picture from Alessandro Cilano of sleeping Giuliano

“Same cat, slightly bigger, sleeping between an Akai LPK22 and a MacBook. By the bored look on his face you can see he doesn’t like the Access Virus or the Babybox Noise Generator in the background.”

CatSynth pic: Neko with the new synths

From pugsfly on flickr, via matrixsynth.

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CatSynth video: cat massage

YouTube via lactatingwalrus, as seen on matrixsynth

“when to cat massage? whenever!”

I am of course reminded by this catsynth video from a couple of weeks ago.

CatSynth pic: Cats love the Virus

Another from Jacksin Music featuring Diggy:

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CatSynth pic: Diggy Blocking my Frequences

Another from Jacksin of Jacksin Music, featuring Diggy.

CatSynth pic: DiggyMalowBall and Virus

OK, back to basics.

Submitted by Jacksin of JacksinMusic:

CatSynth pic: Access Virus Classic

Via matrixsynth:

The photo is actually from an eBay auction. The cats are taking over the used synth trade!

CatSynth pics: Moog and Virus

Submitted by Jon Kull (no website given):

Looks like someone found a comfy spot in front of the Moog…