CatSynth Pic: Akai MPC1000

This cute cat has found a cozy space from which to lay down some rhythms on an AKAI MPC1000. From Holly Lanasolyluna via Facebook.

Abby and a Keyboard Tower (Roland, Casio)

Cute little Abby sits next to a tower of vintage keyboard synths. On top is a Roland Alpha Juno 1; below it is a Roland S-10 sampling synthesizer. On the bottom level is a Casio CZ3000. The last one is left as an exercise to the reader.

Submitted by Nikki Chavez via our Facebook page.

I managed to catch cute little fun-sized Abby in my studio today. She has a stern looking face, but that’s just the tortie-tude. She’s actually a sweetheart!!

CatSynth pic: Wildfreshness

Submitted by Ned of wildfreshness:

Clementine, the tortie, poses next to a Kurzweill keyboard.

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