25 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Wildfreshness

  1. This cat looked very familiar. It even had the same marking as one of my neighboring cat. Now I'm pondering why I had not seen it for a few days… haha 😛


  2. 🙂 Well tortieez should be gorgous… & dis provez it! I yam wonderin' if she playz az good az da dadee herez. When did she start da piannee? At age six monthsez?

  3. [strong][/strong]
    🙂 When i saw Clementine I taught immediatly to Lisa the nice cat girl of Gattina! Bice, a cat who loves music!! 😉

  4. seems that clementine is gearing up for a musical career… who knows, she can play some music once she hears them… i believe cats have a very good memory 🙂

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