Weekend Cat Blogging #115: Now is the summer of our discontent

We at CatSynth welcome everyone to Weekend Cat Blogging #115 and the “Summer of Our Discontent.” Week three of unemployment. Trouble out there in the world. Temperatures rising at home, especially indoors where Luna is getting cold packs for her favorite towel. Computers overheating, too, our aging PC laptop gets ready to take off after about 30 minutes, not long enough for any real work. Persistent coughing, but sporadic health insurance that decides to take the week off. But according to the new trackback system I implemented and planned to roll out for WCB, there are literally hundreds of cheap prescription drug options out there. Lots of patronizing statements from folks masquerading as “helpful advice.” And breaking news that apparently all men have bad taste in interior design. And most of all it hurts to say good-bye to so many friends in just one week.

We are once again reminded of Albert Schweitzer's famous quote: “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.” Music hasn't been a refuge of late, but it might become one again after all. But meanwhile, let's celebrate the refuge our feline friends bring to our lives, albeit sometimes all too fleeting.

Please leave your links as a comment, or contact us if you prefer. The intrepid among you can try the new trackback system, but it might get lost between some ads for performance-enhancing drugs or the exciting “performances” they make possible.

Also, don't forget the other weekend cat-blogging opporunties at Friday Ark, the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos (theme is black-and-white, quite interesting), and Carnival of Cats.

26 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #115: Now is the summer of our discontent

  1. Luna, you're so sweet. Just want to hug and nuzzle you. You do like that blue towel, don't you? Huggles.

  2. helpful advice #10514: maybe luna could share her cold pack with the laptop? just joking, precious puss.

    seriously, folks, i thought cats were heat-seeking missiles?

    i hope you feel better soon, too, Amar.

    [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Schweitzer]Albert Schweitzer[/url]: "He was, for instance, a well-known cat lover, who, although left-handed, would write with his right hand rather than disturb the cat who would sleep on his left arm."

    thanks for reminding us about this great soul. scritches for luna.


  3. You look so pretty Luna. I think blue is perfect for you—so royal! Hope that perfect job comes quick. Fingers crossed! Here is our permalink for this week


    Thanks for hosting, both of you!

  4. Come here Amar and Luna, Nico wants a kiss from you both! hehe

    We love you and do hope things get better, and they will! Kitty Cats (and Spiders too) are a sign of prosperity.

    Hugs and Loves and Purrs


  5. Thanks for hosting this weekend! Here is Puddy and my linkie: [url=http://www.byootaful.com/?p=1037]http://www.byootaful.com/?p=1037[/url] Can you guess what's under the rug? 😀

    From Katie and Puddy

  6. Hi guys!

    I have posted today at [url=http://www.yao-lin-yao-lin.blogspot.com]www.yao-lin-yao-lin.blogspot.com[/url]


  7. Thanks for hosting this weekend. I'm so bummed all those icky things are happening. I'll send out good vibes through the air to you. Please stop by and visit me. It is nice to meet you.

  8. I'm going to try this again cause I think I messed up.

    Anyway, I'm sorry things are going so icky. We'll send good vibes to you. Thanks for hosting this weekend even tho you're having computer problems.

    Hendrix the Kitty


  9. I slackin' in the WCB post for the weekend, been busy celebrating something else fun! Five years of marriage!

    I hope that life evens out for you and Luna soon, it's no fun having so many down days like you have lately.

  10. We've got dis-con-tinent at our house, too. We gots a bideo of Chair Wars. [url=http://2tabbys.blogspot.com/2007/08/friday-fight.html]http://2tabbys.blogspot.com/2007/08/friday-fight.html[/url]
    I fink the cure for yur problims is more Fur and Purr Therapy. So find LOTSA cats to snuggle (thru WCB) an yu'll feel better. It's free an has no side effects, unless yus lergic to cats, get migraines frum watchin the puter too long, or don't got an ergo-monic puter arrangement. Purrs!

  11. Hi Amar and Luna, thanks for hosting this weekend! Here is my link: [url=http://lamiacucina.wordpress.com/2007/08/18/weekend-cat-blogging-115/]http://lamiacucina.wordpress.com/2007/08/18/weekend-cat-blogging-115/[/url]

  12. So sorry life is giving you the blues. It is sad losing so many friends so quickly. Hope you find a job quickly. Purrrrs and work vibes your way. Here is our entry for the weekend.

  13. Thanks for hosting Amar and Luna – I hope you're feeling better soon!

    Here's my WCB

  14. I'm not sure my comment got through just now – so here it comes again:

    Hope you're feeling better soon and thanks for hosting, Amar & Luna!

  15. Luna, you are such a sweet kitty! I'd love to hug and cuddle you…
    Yes, the heat must not be very funny!

    Thanks for hosting WCB!

    If you want to know how Maruschka is behaving lately, then here's my link:



  16. Thank you so much for hosting and hope that your blues are over soon. China Cat and Willow have chosen to go along with the black & white theme for this WCB. Here's their link:


  17. Thanks for hosting. Poor Luna, the heat sounds terrible and it's so nice of you to give her ice packs to keep her cool.

    Here's my WCB entry:


  18. Ack! Regular html didn't work. Here's the link to my WCB post:


  19. Thank you for hosting! Here's us this week:

  20. here is mine:

  21. 🙁 this thingy ate our first comment…

    Big comforting hugs to you and Luna to ease the blues away a bit.
    Thnaks for hosting WCB this weekend.
    Here comes our linkie (we know we a furry late this time…):

    hugs & purrrrs,
    Astrid, Kashim & Othello

  22. Thanks for hosting, we are hoping things will be looking up soon!
    Pet,Tigger,SonnyBob, and SirWoody

  23. Dear Luna.

    Meow hello! I hope your daddy passed this message on. I don't have a pet right now I am not able to leave you a message on your blog 🙁

    You must be enjoying your Sunday with your daddy. I was an offshore colleague of his… so yeah, there is a huge ocean between where your daddy worked and where I still go in every day. I read about you and your daddy on your blogs every now and then, and I know that this is a time of discontentment and challenges. I would just like you to know that there is one person, though far away, but who shares the same wish as everyone else who cares for you – that is for the current somberness to be over really soon. When one door closed, the other opens. I wish that you could stop looking at the closed door, but focus on the opened one. Best wishes.

    Your friend

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