Chester and Triangle Synth Party

Chester, the official spokescat of Triangle Synth Party, peers out at us through a window while sitting atop a Minimoog Model D. From Triangle Synth Party’s Instagram.

Join us as we host the second in our series of ambient outings. The first show went great, with a very attentive audience consisting of friends and experimental music enthusiasts, as well as those who just happened to stop by Rebus Works to shop or grab a bite to eat.

The location of the show (and the photo) is Rebus Works in Raleigh, North Carolina. Triangle Synth Party hosts synth events and discussions in Releigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and elsewhere in the “research triangle” area of North Carolina. You can find out more on their Facebook page.

Colleen “Night Looping – Movement II”

Musician Colleen (Cécile Schott) plays a beautiful live set on two Moog Granthmoders, several MoogerFooger pedals. Her cat Sol is sleeping blissfully atop a vintage Roland Space Echo (RE-201). Watch all the way to the end 😺

From the Instagram post of the same video:

Today you can listen to the suite of 3 movements that closes the album, “Night looping”, a homage to insomnia, to laying in bed at night and thinking in loops about the best and the worst that could happen to you, or that may already have happened to you… Available on all platforms.
I hope you will enjoy this video of “Movement II”, which I shot in the sleepy presence of my beloved Sol one week ago. Technical explanations are in the subtitles of the video, and as usual, I’ll be happy to reply to any question you may have! As with the whole album, this song uses only one synth, the @moogsynthesizers Grandmother, and one delay, in this case the Moogerfooger MF-104M. Nothing else, and no digital production involved.

You can find more of Colleen’s music at

Kamal Sabran jams in the studio with his cat

It’s always fun to check in with our friend Kamal Sabran as he jams in his unique studio with his cats. We see a Behringer Neutron, a Roland SP-404SX, a vintage Ace Tone Rhythm Fever, an analog oscilloscope, and reel-to-reel. I’m definitely curious about what the reel-to-reel tape is contributing to the music in this jam.

Sidney Crosby on Pedals and Mini-Synths

Sidney Crosby does what cats do best and has jumped up on the platform with numerous pedals and mini-synths belonging Scott Smigiel.

Submitted by bittersweetdb on Mastodon.

Here’s Sidney Crosby on @ssmigiel’s live setup of many pedals and mini synths.