Groundhog-Synth Pic: Herman and Yamaha RX5

Closeup photo of a stuffed groundhog sitting atop a Yamaha RX5 drum machine.

It’s Groundhog Day, so we’re featuring the venerable Herman, the stuffed-toy groundhog I have had since childhood, atop our Yamaha RX5 drum machine. Definitely a vintage vibe on both counts.

If you haven’t yet seen or detailed demo and tutorial on the Yamaha RX5, please check it out.

Cat and Arturia MiniBrute

A moody photo of a cat looking out the window while their human plays an Arturia MiniBrute. I instantly recognized the instrument as we have one at HQ.

From Dario Duarte (@darioduartenunez) on Instagram.

Saturday, cat and synthesizer

Duarte is a composer based in Argentina who described his music as “Post-classical, neoclassical, ambient”. You can hear some of his music on his bandcamp page. Here is his latest release.

Casio SK-5 32-Key Sampling Keyboard

A cute cat positing with a Casio SK-5 sampling keyboard. From an auction, seen on matrixsynth.

via this auction

kitty not included

works like a charm and has been taken care of very well. has some signs of use but nothing alarming. will need new batteries for sure. perfect lofi sounds. the organs are my favorite.”

The drum pads on the SK-5 are instrument, and different from the SK-1 and SK-10 that we have here at CatSynth HQ.

Persephone and Rob Robinson in the Studio

We have a new picture of Persephone in the studio with her human Rob Robinson, as they get ready to record some new material.

Working on new Order of the Static Temple. The junior studio tech’s input… ‘make it noisier!’ As you wish, mewskers…

This is almost the same as this previous photo featuring Persephone and includes many of the same instruments.

Saruman, Yamaha CS30 and DX7, Casio SK-1

We have another show of Saruman in action on his vintage Yamaha CS30 and DX7 synthesizers. In true cat form, he is able to play both at the same time. We also see the Casio SK-1 sampler in the middle.

From our friend hdgenis (Héctor D. Genis) on Instagram. To see Saruman’s other appearances on CatSynth, please visit his tag.

Abbey Road Chambers Reverb

This beautiful cat is assisting with preset selection for the Abbey Road Chambers Reverb. From @johnmichiemusic on Twitter.

Just when you want to add reverb

To find out more about John Michie’s music, please visit his website. Hopefully his cat gets an engineering credit.

Abbey Road Chambers is a recreation of the legendary echo chamber in Abbey Road studios, and it can be used to get classic as well as novel reverb effects.