Valentino and Electron Octatrak

Valentino has found a comfy spot between an Elektron Octatrak (version 1) and a mixer. And it doesn’t look like he wants to move any time soon.

From Patricia Wolf @patwolfmusic via Twitter.

I guess I’ll have to work around him:)

Valentino looks even more like Big Merp than in his earlier photos.

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CatSynth Video: Synth Jam from Remcord

A cool hardware jam with offerings from Roland, Eletrkon, Nord, Behringer, Arturia, Strymon, and more. Watch for the cat about halfway through.

Korg Wavestate (Box)

It looks like someone has already claimed the box for this brand new Korg Wavestate. Submitted by Matthew Pirata Kane via our Facebook page.

Just got a korg wavestate, and my cat already claimed it

The Korg Wavestate is a great little synthesizer, a reimagination of the Wavestation from the 1990s. You can see our NAMM 2020 report on the Wavestate below.

Wordless Wednesday: Exterminate?

This abandoned beehive burner in Adin, California bears a strong resemblance to a Dalek.

CatSynth Pic: Cat and Akai in stereo

A very cool stylized photo of a cat on an Akai keyboard. From animalsarebeauty on Instagram.

CatSynth Video: Volca Keys Drone

A beautiful cat with a serene drone pattern on the Volca Keys. From _daana_green via Instagram.

Max and Synapse Audio Dune 3

Max is testing out the new Dune 3 synthesizer from Synapse Audio. It appears he is using the Arturia keyboard to create some bass tones for the highly-touted wavetable oscillators in Dune.

Submitted by Julian Guffogg via our Facebook page.

CatSynth Pic: Novation Summit (Tiny Crush Mixing)

Our feline friend from Tiny Crush Mixing returns, this time sitting atop a Novation Summit synthesizer. (See what I did there?)

From hugoparismusic on Instagram.

What is the importance of collaborating in your creative process? ✨⠀

That is indeed an interesting question. I feel much of my creativity is solitary, and I do enjoy that. But I also collaborate in myriad ways. This was true even during the depths of the pandemic when I recorded an album with remote collaborators. And I do miss my band and duo performances.

Wordless Wednesday: Pyramid Lake

The eponymous pyramid of Pyramid Lake, Nevada.

Rothko, Sequential OB6, Behringer RD-6 and Model D

Rothko shoots a judgmental look in a studio that includes a Sequential OB6, Behringer RD-6 (Blue), Behringer Model D, and more. Submitted by Dirk Vanstraelen via our Facebook page.

Rothko thinks my snare sounds like crap

We at CatSynth will reserve judgment on the snare sound 😸