Upcoming shows: the details

For those of you in the Bay Area, here are the details the shows this week.

Things are looking up today. The program for the 16th is finally coming together – even the temperamental Mr. Echo is purring like a kitten. Fortunately, the computer has a minimal role in this, so I am OK without the MacBook. And I have the program for the Looping Festival on the PC laptop.

October 16, 8PM

Luggage Store Gallery
1007 Market St.
@ 6th Street
San Francisco, California
Admission $6-10 sliding scale.

I will be performing a new solo electronic set, combining custom software with hardware analog and digital synthesizers.
Dark and playful, combining noise, rich harmonies, strange rhythms and of course a sense of humor.

October 18, 4:30PM

Y2K8 International Live Looping Festival.
Pearl Alley Studios
120 Pearl Alley
Santa Cruz, California

In live looping, a musician records his/her live performance and plays it back while playing or recording new material on top of it, thus a single performer can create complex, layered music. I will be looping various electronic and folk instruments.

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