On the Night of War

I wrote this poem on the night the Iraq war began, ten years ago.

On the night of war…
March 19, 2003

A light rain has fallen
A trio of snails marches up the main path towards my front door
Upon the thinnest of thin sheets of wet
Like the one who came into my garage a week ago
To say “hi neighbor, what is all this stuff in your garage?”
A week ago, before I turned thirty, before we entered this latest war
I was unaware there was such an abundance of large snails
Before this night which is a second day
Rising after collapsing from exhaustion of the stress, agony, exhilaration, guilt
Of being alive and flourishing at this strange time

© 2003 Amar Chaudhary

2 thoughts on “On the Night of War

  1. In this day and age we have the ability to witness conflict such as the war you mentioned, and the strong emotions that this stirs. Interesting that at this same time, you noticed the slugs ,which as you said, were probably always there.

    We hadn’t thought of it, but yes, a decade has passed.

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