Persephone in the Studio

Persephone (aka “Mewskers”) is in the command chair of her very impressive studio. This studio is also used by our friend Rob Robinson and his industrial/noise/EBM project Order of the Static Temple (where we found this photo).

In front of Persephone is a Nord keyboard, to her left is a Sequential synthesizer, behind that a venerable Roland SH-101. We also see offerings from Behringer, Akai, Korg, and Ensoniq!

You can see more of Persephone via her tag.

Persephone and Rob Robinson in the Studio

We have a new picture of Persephone in the studio with her human Rob Robinson, as they get ready to record some new material.

Working on new Order of the Static Temple. The junior studio tech’s input… ‘make it noisier!’ As you wish, mewskers…

This is almost the same as this previous photo featuring Persephone and includes many of the same instruments.