CatSynth pic: Rudy the Rack Cat

From Ivan, we have Rudy the Rack Cat:

I am curious about a couple of the items in the rack. For example, the unit labeled as a “PCA-200 Low-Frequency Synthesizer”, and it's neighor below. Anyone know anything about them? The only references I can find to “PCA200” are a measurement device and an old ATM networking device.

3 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Rudy the Rack Cat

  1. The PCA-200 is a subharmonic synthesizer made by Audio Control a few years ago and was a pro version of their consumer products. It works much better than similar dbx units.

    The unit below is a Klark-Teknik DN-34 analog delay which is a very cool piece. And the unit below that is a Symetrix Phase Filter, a very nice sounding phase shifter. I actually own two of each of these rare units. Which explains why I have such a vicious creature guarding the rack.


  2. Rudy will do a great job in protecting the equipment, although I first thought he was playing hide-and-seek.

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