20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Wentworth Alley

  1. This photo was taken last summer in Wentworth Alley in Chinatown in San Francisco. This was shortly after the SF Arts Commission’s “Arts in Storefronts” program in Chinatown was launched, and you can see a bit of a mural from the program in the lower right below the sign.

    I did experiment with color and saturation in this image. The sign is not actually green.

  2. Lots of interesting shots can be found around here. Planning to go there this weekend for some photo ops. I would never have guessed the sign wasn’t green.

  3. So bright and colorful! Definitely a different taste than your WW shots of late! Would be interesting to see the colors in the original so we could see how you tweaked.

  4. Wow — you did a fabulous job with the color. I tend to go too far or not far enough, so (except for cropping) I tend to print/post as they come out of the camera. I really love this shot.

  5. I have a very nice memories from Chinatown in San Francisco, we had the best Chinese meal ever in a restaurant where we were the only “white” people and no knife and forks ! Mr. G. asked for a fork and they had to go to the neighbor to find one, lol !

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