Wordless Wednesday: Ubehebe Crater

Ubehebe Crater, a large volcanic crater in Death Valley National Park. It is about a mile wide and 600 feet deep.

It was about 110 degrees Fahrenheit at the rim of the crater the day I was there, so I did not venture all the way down. But I did explore the rim and will share photos on another day.

Wordless Wednesday: Exterminate?

This abandoned beehive burner in Adin, California bears a strong resemblance to a Dalek.

Wordless Wednesday: Pyramid Lake

The eponymous pyramid of Pyramid Lake, Nevada.

Wordless Wednesday: The Tree

A strange and magical scene evening during an early-evening thunderstorm in Modoc County, California.

Wordless Wednesday: N Judah

Our N Judah streetcar at the Caltrain station back in 2018. The streetcars are finally back in operation.

Wordless Wednesday: Sculpture at Embarcadero Center

From the desert we return to one of my favorite spots in San Francisco, Embarcadero Center.

Wordless Wednesday: Black Mountains (Death Valley)

Looking up at the Black Mountains on the eastern side of Death Valley.

Wordless Wednesday: Rhyolite

Ruins at Rhyolite, Nevada.

Wordless Wednesday: Green Bottle

Taken using a vintage Soviet-era Helios 44-2 lens on a Canon EOS 60D camera.

Wordless Wednesday: Three Black Tanks

Mare Island, California.