Guy Overfelt #BLACKLIGHT, Ever Gold Gallery

Last weekend I had the opportunity to see #BLACKLIGHT, conceptual artist Guy Overfelt’s solo show at Ever Gold Gallery, before it closed on November 3rd. The main installation of the show was “hesher tribute” to renowned artist Dan Flavin, whose work involves abstract lines of light (you can see an example in this show at David Zwirner in New York in 2009). Overfelt’s tribute uses these light elements arranged in a pentagram in a darkened room with mirrors:

[Courtesy of Guy Overfelt and Ever Gold Gallery.]

It was interesting to peer directly through the infinitely vanishing series both head-on, as in the image above, or from the side. Indeed, the effect of side or oblique views was more disorienting, especially coming into the dark room during an exceptionally bright and sunny afternoon in San Francisco. Indeed the contrast between indoors and outdoors is what made this a particularly strong experience.

[Courtesy of Guy Overfelt and Ever Gold Gallery.]

It is the pentagram element that makes this “hesher” art. The darkened posters from L.A. punk shows that cover the wall before the installation and a curtain in the rear of the gallery would appear be at odds with the hesher theme, which is distinctly different from punk even if they overlapped during the early 1980s.

[Courtesy of Guy Overfelt and Ever Gold Gallery.]

Some rather colorful posters were also presented separately as framed oil-on-linen pieces.

The gallery describe this exhibition as Overfelt’s last exhibition, stating somewhat mysteriously that “You’ll never see Guy Overfelt’s face in San Francisco nor his work after this exhibition.” I hope that is not in fact true, as the work of this 2012 SECA AWARD nominee is growing on me.

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