Weekend Cat Blogging with Big Merp and Sam Sam

We have exciting news. Big Merp (aka “Marlon”) has come to live with us at CatSynth HQ!

Big Merp on the sofa

That is a soulful face a cat who has seen a lot in his short life (our vet thinks he actually isn’t that old, but life on the streets can certainly age one quicky). Due to circumstances beyond the scope of this site, our buddy in Oakland found himself needing a new place to live – otherwise, he would be back out on the streets. We’ve come to know him and love him over the past year, so it seemed like the obvious solution to welcome him into our home. Things were rather tentative at first, a new place and concept in a new city.

Big Merp arrives at HQ

But it didn’t take long for him to get comfortable, and now he practically owns the place.

Big Merp on the balcony

Sam Sam, on the other hand, is not too pleased with this intruder into her idyllic life. She has been a bit nervous and skittish, often looking for places to hid and decompress.

Sam Sam hides in the studio

She has mostly stayed on the upstairs level while Big Merp mostly stays downstairs for the time being. Their encounters to date haven’t been all that friendly, but Sam Sam is slowly gaining confidence. She prefers to stay upstairs, and I’m doing my best to shower her with affection and remind her that this is still her home and she is my special little girl.

Sam Sam is a wonderful and pretty cat

Merp is a very friendly cat, but Sam Sam has had some bad experiences in her past and it’s understandable she’s taking a little longer to adjust. I certainly hope that in the long run, they get along.

Sam Sam comfortable but wary

5 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging with Big Merp and Sam Sam

  1. We can understand the tension.
    When Julie came here from the great outdoors it was not all love and roses. She was the 6th cat(at the time)
    She has a big purrsonality(thinks the place is hers and that I am her person. Still does)
    Now it is 3 cats and shs gets long with JJ. He is ols and really laid back.
    Georgia is 16 and sensitive and shy so there is tension.
    They more or less get along so there is hope SamSam will do well.
    Big Murp is mighty cute and I am happy you are giving him a great home 🙂
    Nancy and the kitties

  2. My three cats started out not liking each other. They still have their moments, but they also have bonded like sisters. I call them the cat trio. It can happen!

  3. Hope things will get friendlier. The adjustment is hard for all of you. How sweet of you to take in Big Merp because he needed somewhere to go besides the street.

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