Fun with Highways: Cairo Edition

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“moving traffic and free exit ramps in cairo” on Thursday 10 February, by sierragoddess on flickr. (Creative Commons).  From what I can tell, it looks like this highway is the Ring Road / Mehwar Al Moneeb, south of the area on the map.

“Over the lion of Kasr Al Nil bridge”, by Kodak Afga on flickr (Creative Commons).  She has several other pictures of protests, some with infrastructure and landmarks.  This bridge is on the map and the road it carries feeds into Tahrir Square.

And finally…

3 thoughts on “Fun with Highways: Cairo Edition

  1. So Mubarak has stepped down (not a trickery I hope), and if I recall correctly, the military will take over for the time being. Is the military better? I sure hope that a few people will step up to the plate and try to be nominated. People who will serve the country’s citizens.

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