Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt: Song

Cats and music are core to what we do here at CatSynth, so the combination of Weekend Cat Blogging and the Photo Hunt theme of song would seem to be a perfect match. But when we interpret song more strictly as a particular type of musical composition, it becomes a bit more challenging. Here I attempt to get Luna to pose with some sheet music:

This is actually a page from the last song we need to record for our Reconnaissance Fly album. I also found another photo of Luna with sheet music (also from Reconnaissance Fly) in the archives:

Weekend Cat Blogging #371 will be hosted by Kashim, Othello and Salome at PaulChens FoodBlog?!. This edition is in honor of sher, a longtime participant of Weekend Cat Blogging and food blogger who tragically passed away four years ago.

The Saturday Photo Hunt is up. This week’s theme is song.

Carnival of the Cats will be up tomorrow at Mind of Mog.

And the Friday Ark is at the modulator.

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