14 thoughts on “Cat playing theremin

  1. What a cute video !! I admire the nerves of the cat ! Mine would already be under the next sofa with this noise, lol ! Pookie looked very bothered when I played the video !

  2. ๐Ÿ™‚ The SECRET is that we are going to
    CAT REALM for the bloggyversary to
    have lizard food! See you there!
    My kitties would knock the "noise"
    down they're so very curious!
    Great Tubin!

  3. I thought the best part was when she stood up on her legs with her front legs hanging there, all perplexed. The first cat composed music! This is super-duper-cool!

    But then that last scene with the other kitty MORE perplexed? I cracked UP!

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