Midnight Monday: Heat

As mentioned yesterday, it got quite warm here at CatSynth HQ. And while the heat energizes me, it was probably a bit too much for Luna:

It's interesting how Luna likes to keep a paw near the metal cables when she rests in her favorite spot.

Opening some windows and running our ceiling fans cooled things down nicely, and the ketzela was soon up and about.

This morning is a bit breezier, and it's supposed to much cooler – but the air has that “summer” feel and aroma to it. Of course, the “real” summer around here is fog cover, so we should enjoy the sunshine and heat while we can.

Check out more black cats for Midnight Monday at House Panthers. Today, they are featuring Madness from Random Drift.

Let's crack open all the windows!

6 thoughts on “Midnight Monday: Heat

  1. You look relaxed Luna 🙂
    Even with my black furs,I love to bake in the sun.
    Sometimes Mom 'burns' her hand when she comes to pat me.
    Mmmmmmmm,warm sun!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  2. ah man … I miss my cat 🙁 her name as PURRTY — get it? 😉 I think cats are much better than dogs any day. unfortunately I had to give up cat coz my gf is allergic to them. WHYYYY? WHHHY? Anywho, thanks for the lovely pics 🙂 You made my day

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