CatSynth pic: DJ Kikovas, with DJ Vivi Pedraglio

Today we feature recent photos from our friends in Argentina, DJ Kikovas and Vivi Pedraglio.

A self described “lady-beatmaker”, Vivi Pedraglio continues to create her live electronic music (with Kikovas’ assistantance) and perform in Buenos Aires and elsewhere. She has also been using an intriguing instrument, the kaolimba. You can hear more of her music at her website or MySpace.

4 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: DJ Kikovas, with DJ Vivi Pedraglio

  1. Oh my Bast. That is a lot of equipment I could run around on. I can see myself doing a lot of damage to it. Their kitty is very very good to just nap…

    Luna, your vocal greeting below is so sweet!!! How nice you meet your beans like that.

  2. Nice equipment. What really caught my eye is the white kitty on the yellow chair. I guess that’s the ‘kitty’s chair’. 🙂

  3. How can you find a place to nap with all these electronic things ? Do you put earplugs in your ears when they are making music ?

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