Weekend Cat Blogging #206

Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted by…wait, it’s us! OK, reboot…

We at CatSynth are delighted to be hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #206!

We are ready to go, and unlike the special election here in California next week, we are looking forward to a large turn-out. To participate, please leave a link to your post as a comment, and we’ll add you to the round-up as the weekend progresses. As always, new cats and first-time participants are always welcome!

And so, let us begin.

We see Jules in silhouette in this photo from Judi’s Mind Over Matter. We at CatSynth are of course partial to black cats, but the window and the brick walls beyond also give this image a modern, urban feel.

Meanwhile, the M-Cats Club is having a birthday party for Mr. Tigger. Join us in wishing him a Happy 9th Birthday! Looks like quite a party, with friends, and sushi, but I’d watch out for that blue punch.

At the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats, Pepi is being a helpful mancat, helping his mom by keeping her calendar. This of course “shows off his midnight furs nicely, too.”

when she curls up to sleep on the back of a dark sofa. If it weren’t for her eye opening, it would be hard to tell her from a dark cushion. And as winter approaches in Australia, a warm kitty pillow can be quite welcome, a great substitute for a hot water bottle.

sidewalk shoes presents a portrait of Smudge, quite detailed and expressive, along with a quote about the consequences of scolding a cat.

Salome joins us from Vienna. “The Ladey” (aka Astrid) has been taking lots of photos, but hasn’t been helping the cats much with their blogging. But Salome does give a bit of a status update for Kashim and Othello as well.

We all know that cats can express their discontent through hissing and clawing. But so can humans. Indeed, the kitties at our family cat-a-blog found their mom fuming over a blog post demonstrating human irresponsibility in caring for pets.

We at CatSynth have a deep interest in mathematics, and so we were delighted to see Arthur and Rosie engaged in mathematical pursuits. More specifically, they are counting butterflies and apples, respectively. Of course, numbers can’t compete with a dangling tail for a cat’s attention. Follow the link to see what happens…

Maruschka is enjoying a lazy Sunday at Rosa’s Yummy Yums. It seems like a good plan, as our own Sunday morning unfolds.

Over at Cuisine Guylaine, it has been raining quite a bit, and the cats do their best to enjoy the garden from indoors. But Mr. Oliver does enjoy some time outside during a moment of brief sunshine.

We will continue to post entries as we receive them throughout the weekend, so do join us.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mr. Tigger! Hope you had lots of mousies and toys for presents.
    Luna, you lare a very pretty kitty.
    Thanks, Amar for hosting this weekend.

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