Weekend Cat Blogging #88

Well, as the weather turned dark and stormy this week, so has life turned a bit darker, and a bit lonelier. It's been another rough week. But Luna is always here to bring some brightness and love into the dark places. Coming home to see her waiting and happy is one of the simple joys in life, one of the few things I can count on.

And on that note, Luna and I are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #88. Please send us a note or leave a comment on your happy, funny or otherwise amusing feline experiences, and we'll post them in the big round up this weekend while trying to stay dry and warm.

(PS – we love your trackbacks here at CatSynth, and we've made some changes to get those working better, so WCBers are encouraged to give it a try).

11 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #88

  1. 😉 Hey Luna, you are just a lovely kitty for keeping good company for your human. I think your human appreciates your lioness company to brighten the day. Tell your human to add me to your WCB list, and visit me! Maybe I can brighten your humans day too! Meow!
    ps I just migrated to new blogger, so I think my comment block is gonna be all messed up now.

  2. Hi Amar & Luna! I'm sorry that things are a little gloomy there. But, I know that Luna cheers you up. Just look how gorgeous she is and that sweet face of hers is wonderful1.

    Here's my link for this week's WCB. Thanks for hosting!


  3. Thanks for hosting this week. I'm sorry things are not as cheery as they could be. I'm sure Luna can help with that, though. Cats have a wonderful way of making things better.

    Here's my offering for this week's WCB:


  4. Hi Amar (and Luna),

    I'm sorry things are rough for you right now, Amar, and I hope they get better very soon. These felines are such a comfort, aren't they? Out here in the middle of the country we are in the deep freeze (-1 this morning), so I can relate to trying to stay warm! We just have to hold on until spring . . .

    Here's my link. Louis is keeping warm by ingesting as many calories and carbs as he can. Who knew he liked fettucine?


    All the best,


  5. taboo wants to know: does luna plays mewsic and tunas on her synthesizer?

    [don't look at me like that, i know that joke's probably older than your blog. i was just passing it along as requested [url=http://jellypizza.blogspot.com/2007/02/couch-she-lies-on-like-burnishd-throne.html]by HRH, the empress.[/url]]

    she also told me to tell you she loves parties with cool cats gathered together in song and dance.

    [b]and[/b] she wants to know where to park when she gets there [[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toonces_the_Driving_Cat]toonces the driving cat[/url] was a distant cousin, so it runs in the family].

    thanks for hosting and the fun.

  6. I'm sorry too to hear that it's a rough time for you. Through many rough times my cats have kept me even keeled when no one else even cared to look my way. They are just furballs of love.

    Bustopher and Harmon are doing their best to manage the cold these days. Come and see what they have been up to!


  7. There is nothing better than unconditional kitty-love when you've got the blues. Hope next week is a better one for you.
    Thanks for hosting.
    Here is a pic of Mr. Mao and I in blissful sleep…last weeks' medical nightmare forgotten. [url=http://mayedecember.blogspot.com/]http://mayedecember.blogspot.com/[/url]

  8. We tried to get a trackback working, but it seems that it has not worked, so we are here to let you know about our post 🙂


    We hope that you are feeling better by reading all those stories of kitties around the world, sometimes one needs a cheer up so we leave a big hug for you 🙂

    have a nice weekend & very warm greetings from vienna, austria

  9. Luna, you are a very elegant and beautiful lady! I love your looks!

    If you want to see a photogenic Fridolin who loves to play with the camera, then here's my link:


    Thanks for hosting this event!

    Have a nice weekend…


  10. It is always nice to be greeted by a kitty! Thanks for hosting WCB this week. China Cat & Willow are 2 lucky cats that are happy to be out of the cold.


  11. We currently have 5 foster kittens in our bedroom. For me, there is nothing like laying down with a bunch of foster kittens and having them jumping all over me to help me feel better if I am feeling down. Do you think Luna would tolerate some temporary foster kittens from your local shelter? Foster kittens need love and a temporary home and they give love in return.

    Current pictures of our foster kittens and a brief description of each is the focus of the most recent post at scamperdude


    Thank you for hosting WCB this week.

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