Weekend Cat Blogging #88 Round-up!

Luna strikes an elegant pose a la Bast for the big Weekend Cat Blogging 88 Roundup.

We're up bright and early – well, I guess it's about 10:30 and with the rain it isn't all the bright – to get started. Lying on the couch with both Luna and the laptop, we're an all black trio – and there's nothing like a purring cat to put the gloom of this past week into perspective. And between WCB and the RPM challenge, we've got a lot to keep us busy…

…so we better get started. If you want to join in, you can either leave a comment here, on the WCB call, or drop us a note.

First up, we have a blast from the past with Toonces the Driving Cat. This was one of those recurring skits that was funny because it was so obvious, with the same disaster happening over and over again. It's a “laugh at,” more than a “laugh with”.

Turns out Taboo at Jelly Pizza is a distant relative of Toonces. Let's just hope she stays on her royal thrown and doesn't get behind the wheel…

Kitikata-san is looking quite…um…furry this week. No, you're not fat. Cats look so soft on sweet spreading on the ground, though the camera can play tricks…

Our friends Upsie, Sundance and Sher send their regards from whatdidyoueat. Like us, they are experiencing some serious rain this weekend, but Upsie manages to stay dry while Sundance investigates a stuffed dog.

Kazon is the fearsome panther this week over at xenogere. Kazon and Luna have some similarities, don't they…

While we at CatSynth are whining about the cold California rain, our friends in the middle of the country have a real deep freeze. Over at Champaign Taste, Louis resorts to veggies and carbs in a desparate attempt to stay warm. That fettucine is looking really good, though. Maybe Louis and Lisa can save some for us…

Bustopher, Harmon, and Kate are also dealing with the extreme cold this weekend. I think Harmon has about as good a strategy as I can suggest…

Over at kross-eyed kitty, Mr. Mao and Ramona are enjoying a blissful sleep, last week's nightmare forgotten…

Kashim and Othello send warm wishes (and big hugs) our way from Austria, and also share with us their secret to extra soft fur.

Extreeeeeme closeup of a photogenic Fridolin can found at Rosa's Yummy Yums.

China Cat and Willow are two lucky cats who are keeping warm indoors from the midwest deep freeze. They also share with us a rather tempting recipe for Lucky Cat martinis. I might have to give that one a try one of these days…

Masak-masak presents a lovely marble stray cat who often comes by to visit. He is a neighbor and rival of the often-featured ginger stray cat, and the two have an uneasy truce. Hey, can't we all just get along?

To many of us, our cats are our babies. However, that does imply that they can grow up to be our disgruntled teenagers, as Puddy demonstrates in this exchange with his human Kate over a tablecloth. I have to admit, I'm with Puddy on this one, it's February, time to lose the Christmas decor!

Dragonheart just returned from Switzerland and has a great slideshow of his trip.

Coca and Mysri meet the new neighbor baby cat at Café Créole (from French Guyana). That new baby has lovely multi-color fur, reminds me a lot of the kittens we say last week playing with the Waldorf Pulse.

Ellen has five adorable foster kittens, all girls, at scamperdude. Those are some amazing cat photos. We hope all the girls find the permanent homes they deserve…

Ooo, another gatita named Luna!. Glad to have her joining us here.

Remember, it's never too late to join in Weekend Cat Blogging…well, at least until Monday. We'll keep posting more WCB fun throughout the weekend, and making improvements, perfectionists that we are. It doesn't look like we're going anywhere for a while…

5 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #88 Round-up!

  1. Thxs for hosting. Here's my kitty for the weekend – a stray but very handsome.


  2. Thanks for hosting! Sorry I'm late! Here's Puddy being a disgruntled teenager, moaning about my choice of tablecloth.

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. If it's not too late, I'd like to be added to the Weekend Cat Blogging round-up! I'm sharing some photos of my trip to Switzerland.

    [url=http://dragonheartsdomain.blogspot.com/2007/02/my-slideshow.html]Dragonheart's Switzerland Slideshow[/url]

  4. i'm late too but today the new neighbor baby cat comes to visit us.We live in Cayenne, french guyana, south america.
    you will find the pictures [url=http://cafecreole.canalblog.com]http://cafecreole.canalblog.com[/url]
    thanks for hosting this week end
    Merci, brigitte

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