CatSynth pic: synth studio, with cat

Another from our friend Knox Bronson at SunPopBlue:

This is a rather abstract representation of his “almost all-analogue synth studio.” Mars kitty can be seen in the bubble at the lower right (and in the enlarged clip to the right). The overall composition suggests a blend of the CatSynth banner with my Music of the (Blue) Spheres graphic artwork.

The original photo is from 2002, and Mars has since passed away. You can also see a close-up video at the original SunPopBlue posting.

One thought on “CatSynth pic: synth studio, with cat

  1. Yes … the picture does share a certain … uh … bulboscity … with Music of the (Blue) Spheres.

    Just goes to show … great minds swim in the same currents …

    Thans for the post, Amar!

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