Bruckner Interchange, again and again

In writing about my trip to New York, where better to begin than with our old friend the Bruckner Interchange:

Most of my trips to New York pass through this interchange, which connects to and from JFK Airport via I-678 (the Whitestone Bridge and Van Wyck Expressway); and north into Westchester via Hutchinson River Parkway. However, this trip involved more encounters that most, and indeed a “complete” tour of the major connections. First, north via Whitestone Bridge via the Hutch on arrival. On departure, we came east along the Bruckner Expressway (I-278) and again to the Whitestone. Our family events involved travelling from Westchester to Long Island, again via the Whitestone Bridge. For the return trip, we took the Throgs Neck Bridge (I-295) and the Cross Bronx Expressway (I-295, I-95).

I almost always use the Whitestone for travel to and from Queens and Long Island, so it had been years since I travelled on the Throgs Neck Bridge. It seems in dire need of maintenance. Big rust spots do not give one a sense of confidence when travelling on a major bridge 150 feet above water. I would expect folks to take maintenance very seriously after the Minneapolis bridge collapse this summer. Especially after I find articles like this

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  1. [url=,0,4108215.story?coll=ny_home_rail_headlines]YIPES![/url]

    Well I guess that means I'm even more cracked and rusty, since I was on the verge of my 14th birthday when it opened. I can remember it was a pretty big deal to cross the East River [we thought it was the LI Sound] without having to go as far as the Whitestone, driving from Hadley Road in [url=]Armonk[/url] to [url=]Jones Beach[/url] in the summer.

    Before [url=]I-684[/url] was built for quick access to [i][url=]The Hutch[/url][/i], we would have to meander south through the county on the curving [url=]Rte. 22[/url] and the death trap that was/is the curving and narrow [url=]Bronx River Parkway[/url].

    It's also the same route my mother drove to take me to music camp at the [url=]Westchester County Center[/url]. I think there's a music conservatory somewhere around there, too, if I'm not mistaken. 😉

    An aside…if we wanted, kids in those "good old days" got free music lessons in school, on their instrument of choice, 3 days a week!

    Have you ever read the history of the [url=]Cross Bronx Expressway[/url] (or its creator [url=]Robert Moses[/url])? It was …the first highway to plow through a crowded urban environment. Coming in from Jersey, I used to go out of my way to [url=]avoid using it[/url], especially that [url=]walled-in portion[/url] just after the [url=]GWB[/url]. Safer, our thinking went, to pop on to the more curvaceously bucolic [url=]Henry Hudson Parkway[/url] (albeit ending at a toll bridge) before crossing into beautiful [url=,_Bronx,_New_York]Riverdale[/url], then to the [url=]Saw Mill River Parkway[/url] (& another toll!), before peeling off onto the [url=]Cross Westchester[/url] to the Hutch and home.

    Phew! I'm tired just writing about it, I can't imagine trying to drive it after all these years living away in the boondocks. Good for you making it home safely, where your precious Luna waited faithfully though messily. >^-.-^<

    Again, I am sorry for your loss, but I bet heavenly purring kitties of the universe are curled up in your Grandma's welcoming lap, much like her loving and grateful grandchildren of long ago.

    Now go fold your laundry!


  2. Wow, must've been quite a different experience, traveling then. I know all those various ways into and out of NYC quite well, I guess some of them haven't changed much in the last few decades.

    Yes, I do know the history of the Cross Bronx Expressway – first hand from my mom and other relatives – and I have been planning to read the big Robert Moses biography (there are a few other books listed on his bio that I would like to get hold of. I wouldn't be surprised if either Moses or the Cross Bronx are subjects of future "CatSynth Highway" articles – and there's a bit about Riverdale in the queue 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your experiences – that was really thorough and I enjoyed reading it. and thanks for the kind words.

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