17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Rose II at New Museum, New York

  1. This image features Isa Genzken’s Rose II, a large sculpture that was recently installed on the facade of the New Museum in New York. The building itself is quite interesting, and the sculpture contrasts with its austere geometry.

    The site has been a bit quiet while I enjoy my time in New York, with friends, family, music, art and exploration of the city.

  2. Geometrically interesting shaped building like building blocks. That is one rose that won’t fade. Love NY, but never heard of this museum. Must be new. 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting this

    Very interesting architecture with the different levels being off set

    all the best


    BTW I like the concept of wordless Wednesday I think I may start emulating your idea,

  4. I would have reduced the exposure, but that may have been wrong. It would still be interesting to see the rose against a somewhat darker background. What are the vetical lines on the building?

  5. What a nice contrast!
    The ‘softness’ of the rose against the concrete.
    That portion of the building does not look inspiring,
    most concrete buildings are not attractive .
    The rose was a great idea 😉
    Good capture

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