Wordless Wednesday: Exterminate?

This abandoned beehive burner in Adin, California bears a strong resemblance to a Dalek.

Wordless Wednesday: Pyramid Lake

The eponymous pyramid of Pyramid Lake, Nevada.

Wordless Wednesday: The Tree

A strange and magical scene evening during an early-evening thunderstorm in Modoc County, California.

Wordless Wednesday: Black Mountains (Death Valley)

Looking up at the Black Mountains on the eastern side of Death Valley.

Wordless Wednesday: Rhyolite

Ruins at Rhyolite, Nevada.

Wordless Wednesday: Chromatic Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park, January 2020. Color and texture processing via Hipstamatic and Adobe Lightroom.

Wordless Wednesday: Trona Pinnacles

The eerie alien-like landscape of Trona Pinnacles in the desert of southeast California.

Wordless Wednesday: The Infinite Road (Carson Sink, Nevada)

US 95 looking southbound in the Carson Sink, an endorheic basin in northern Nevada.

If you haven’t yet seen our video of US 95 in the Carson Sink (traveling in the other direction), please check it out here.

Wordless Wednesday: Carson Sink

Lens flare over the Carson Sink in Nevada.

Wordless Wednesday: Desert Ruins

Desert ruins at Ft Churchill, Nevada.