Weekend Cat Blogging: Bronx Cat

After the Issue Project Room show in Brooklyn last Saturday, I headed north to the Bronx. Out on the street in Riverdale in the Bronx, I came across this cat:

The cat was a bit shy, keeping a bit of distance, but not running away either. It eventually went up one driveway.

It seemed to be a pet cat, not a stray, and after several entreaties came up to me, even head-butting my hand. It is always a treat to encounter cats when out and about.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging: Bronx Cat

  1. This pretty kitty must have known he was in the presence of a friend to felines. Hope you have enjoyed your time in NY and the holiday. I know Luna will be happy to see you when you return.
    Thanks for joining us for Weekend Cat Blogging.

  2. Cute kitty ! Seems to like attention.
    Appears you had a wonderful time at the concert!!
    Hearing a performance with toys sounds most interesting 😉
    Neat concept.Obviously done well.

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