Fun with stats: 10 most rated articles

Here are the ten highest-rated posts based on 90 ratings as of this morning:

the inaugural post (5.00).
moring walk and sea lion (4.33).
In memoriam, Ruth Schonthal (1924-2006), composer and teacher (4.33).
DSI Evolver legal again in Kansas public schools (4.00).
getting ready for tomorrow's performance, part 1 (4.00).
Cat Welfare Society of Israel (4.00).
fun with Emulator X and filter response (3.83).
Luna and table in black and white (3.50).
Green Kitties (3.29).
shades of luna (3.17).

No one has left any comments, so I'm not entirely sure how to interpret any of this. But I'm pretty sure this post will get a very low rating…