Lieberman deserved to lose

Time for another digression into the world of current events:

I was actually starting to feel sorry for Joe Lieberman, after all he does have a long record of service not to mention that adorable self-effacing Jewish-guy thing. But then he goes and reminds me why he deserved to lose the primary with his comments about how those who voted against him were somehow supporting the terrorists or giving them a victory. First, it was just tasteless to use the news and emergency in London and potential tragedy that way. Second, I'm sure Al Qaeda et al could care less about this particular detail of American politics in their plans. Third, if there's anything us liberal left-leaning types want to see more than fundamentalist Christian radicals go down to defeat, it's fundamentalist Islamic radicals get their “tuchuses” kicked. I also remember his rather nasty attacks on Howard Dean in 2004, trying at all costs to take not only him down but also his supporters and the strong online movement. So Lieberman should just admit that he made mistakes, alienated many of his friends and allies, and should just go with a shred of dignity instead of confirming everything his critics have said.

OK, now back to the cats and synths…