Worthless Kitty Redux: April 6, 2006

Excerpted from an article originally posted elsewhere on April 6, 2006:

I was anticipating being a wreck tonight, but actually I'm somewhere between at peace and numb. Having a glass of wine, listening to one of my favorite nighttime CDs (Xenakis Electronic Music from the 50s and 60s). Luna must be somewhere nearby, but she's earned a little time to herself after cuddling and purring w/ me for well over an hour straight. She's really good that way.

I was looking out my bedroom window earlier – mostly dark, except for the nighttime glow off the sides of the houses and buildings and bright spot of neon and fluorescent lighting from the convenience store nestled in the middle of them. For a moment, it seemed like I was living somewhere on the edge of a large city (as opposed to simply “on the edge”).

In contrast, on this night I'm pretty relaxed and content, and instead of Xenakis I'm listening to the soothing sounds of the dishwasher.