Amar @ plug:dos headphone festival in SF, Saturday 9/9, 7:40PM

I will be performing live at 992 Paralta St. in San Francisco at 7:40PM on Saturday. Mostly experimental, “lowercase” (i.e., soft) electronic music. This is intriguing because it is a “headphone” event where people live at the venue as well as those listening online will be using headphones.

For those who are interested, you can also listen live online on Saturday. visit or for more info.

Official press release below:

AUG 5-6 2006

a festival within a festival, transmitting 48 live performances for 48 hours in participation with the worldwide interaural experiment known as LE PLACARD #9 – a self-organized nonstop streaming festival that migrates from city to city broadcasting headphone conterts to headphone people around the world from june-october 2006.

admission is free

[:] p l u g [:] 2005
last year, a constant flow of over 300 people plugged their headphones in at the 5lowershop warehouse on peralta ave to hear 48 headphone-only performances from the likes of beth custer, swoondoll, bunnyphonic, jeff ray, justino, neighborhood bass coalition, skullcaster, nullspace, sky sosa, toshio hirano, 666 gangsta, dj crackhouse, heartworm, members of subarachnoid space, ryan of slidecamp, mono, halcyon high, things falling apart, aaron x of the quiet american, viola-cello improv victor lowrie, sodium channel, useless unknown facts, tina butcher, the deletist, and many more..
a simultaneous pirate radio broadcast was heard at 104.1 fm, and untold numbers of listeners were plugged in at various listening rooms in LE PLACARD's global network. a live irc chat also allowed listeners to communicate during the event.
Wired magazine praised the festival, and LE PLACARD organizers in paris
dubbed [:] p l u g [:] “the best transmission of the year”

p l u g [:] dos 2006
this year, we return with 2 days of sound experimentation, continuing the diverse mix of acoustic, experimental, electronic, and non-genresfrom underground artists all across california. again, we will transmit a simulltaneous pirate radio broadcast at 104.1 fm, include the live chat for listeners, stream live audio through LE PLACARD's global network, and
due to popular demand, a live video stream will be added to this year's festival.

everyone is invited to listen, participate and experience this unforgettable event.

there will be food, drinks, merchandise, and more!