Weekend Cat Blogging #76

Well, it's been a tiring week here since my return – both Luna and I really just want to curl up and rest. But we at CatSynth are dedicated to doing Weekend Cat Blogging #76. Thanks to those who already sent in their links. You either leave a comment with your link on this entry, or send me a message.

Also, if you haven't had a chance, please check out last week's post featuring an article on the cats of New Orleans.

16 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #76

  1. Luna sure looks comfy!

    Here's Sam's WCB entry – he's curled up and sleepy, too. (Must be the weather.)


    Thanks, Amar.

  2. In which the kittens venture back into our newly remodeled kitchen.


    Thanks for hosting!

  3. Luna is doing great with her napping. Have you managed to get a nap in yet? Maybe you should join her for a snooze this weekend. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting this week. I sent our post via your form.

    "Purrrrrrrrrrs" (Cheezy Human Imitation of a Purr)

  4. Thank you for hosting. Luna looks so pretty, as always. Here is my link:


  5. Hope it's ok to have multiple contributions to WCB on the same weekend!
    Here's [url=http://www.thefoodpornographer.com/?p=525]Pixel in her summer office[/url], Billy Lee, [url=http://www.thefoodpornographer.com/?p=526]Busted on the couch![/url] and [url=http://www.thefoodpornographer.com/?p=527]Pixel in another box[/url].

    I wish I could do what Luna's doing right now, but there's just too much to do! 🙁

  6. Hello Amar & Luna the Kitty!
    I hope you're resting well! Here is my Luna, my babygirl, having rest while the Petit Tigré takes her company!
    Thank's for hosting, I'm going to read your articles about Nouvelle Orléans!

  7. Your cat looks like she found the perfect spot to curl up ;p

    Mine was busy discussing his new food plan & cooking up ideas for what to offer those who visit this wkend. come and see what's cooking @ chez chaton culinaire!


    Thanks for this wkend's event.

  8. I tried to email you my submission but it wouldn't work, so here it is. Hope you find some time to relax this weekend.


  9. hi,

    Thanks for hosting. Here's my WCB entry: [url=http://www.acatinthekitchen.com/?p=168]http://www.acatinthekitchen.com/?p=168[/url]

  10. Thanks for hosting! Here is my link:

  11. Thanks for hosting! Here's Colin and his laser pointer toy!


  12. Thanks for hosting! Heer's my submishun:

    Voting is now open for Skeezix the Cat's Thanksgiving "Tales of Devotion Kontest", but it's not to late to get your entry in.


  13. Thank yoo for hosting WCB! Heer's my entrey:

    Mao Nichols is thrilled to discover that his mom likes him best.


  14. Heer is my submisshun for WCB:

    Rocky the Guttercat is thrilled to be a finalist in the World's Coolest Cat Contest, and explains why you should vote for him over Skeezix (who is also a finalist).


  15. Here's my contribution for this weekend's WCB:


    Now I'll have a look around at everyone else's cuties!

  16. Hi! Thanks for hosting this week's WCB! As usual, I'm late to the party – but here's Kamikaze being all lasery and upside-down: [url=http://igot2shoes.blogspot.com/2006/11/wcb-76-comtemplative-kamikaze.html]http://igot2shoes.blogspot.com/2006/11/wcb-76-comtemplative-kamikaze.html[/url]

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