Meow Chow (WCB follow up)

I mentioned in the most recent Weekend Cat Blogging that we got a book of recipes for both cats and humans for Luna's birthday: Meow Chow: Hearty Recipes for Happy Cats.

I decided to try the crabcake recipe from the book because it seemed like something we both might enjoy – Luna's favorite human food to date seems to be turkey, but I'm a bit turkey'ed out myself. I bicycled down to the fish market on the Santa Cruz wharf for some fresh crab meat, and procured the other ingredients from various stores around town. The one substitution I made was matzoh meal instead of unsalted “saltine” crackers (isn't that an oxymoron). The preparation was pretty straightforward, mixing the batter, forming it into small patties and dropping them in the frying pan. Here is the final result:

A little overdone perhaps, but I do like the crust and at least for my own consumption I wanted to make sure the inside was well cooked. Luna had one half of a crab cake for herself:

She managed to eat most of it (which I cut into smaller pieces after this photo was taken), but I suppose it is quite filling for such a small cat.

I'm guessing next time she might prefer the sardines in the silver tray.


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