Weekend Cat Blogging #91: Enjoying the outdoors from indoors

Just a nice quiet day for us here at CatSynth to relax and do, well, not much of anything, except of course taking photos and videos and posting them on Weekend Cat Blogging.

Here, Luna gets comfy near the glass doors downstairs:

This week, we also have some Catster videos to share. Hear Luna's cute “hunting noises” and watch her tail go and she enjoys her favorite view out the bedroom window:

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Another video from today over at Catster has Luna responding loudly to getting pet while surveying her domain…

Hehehe…let's crack open a window!

Click on the image above to enlarge, you can see another kitty outside (you can be sure that Luna sees him, too).

The big WCB roundup is being hosted over at champaign taste, where Louis' enjoyment of the outdoors turned into a scary “Lost Cat” story for a day. Thankfully, he returned in the evening and everything is fine. We're glad the Louis made it home safely. Go read his story and check out the other kitties this weekend.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #91: Enjoying the outdoors from indoors

  1. All that and videos, too! How great. She looks like she would really like to get out and "talk" to that other cat!

  2. Well, I think you had a very nice day! You look marvelous, of course. And that's the most important thing in a day right? And you have a great window to look out on the world. Sweet! And you're a video star! WOW, great vocalizations. 🙂

  3. Hehe I played the video and Puddy came into the room all fluffed up! She must have thought there was another cat in here!! Luna is beautiful 🙂

  4. I saw the video. Love her hunting sounds, and yep, her tail really flew. I don't think I've seen another cat who could swing her tail like that before, so quickly and for so long. She must have been very excited. Meow hi luna!

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