Weekend Cat Blogging #94 Roundup

Oy, we're having a hard time getting the roundup out this morning – technical problems. But here we are. Welcome to the big Weekend Cat Blogging #94 roundup!. It's a sleepy foggy morning here on the California coast, but we've got coffee and catnip and some classic 1960s/1970s tunes, and we're ready to go!

First up, we have Taboo trying to get some rest at Jelly Pizza. That seems like a good plan to us. Also, “a shout out to Vinnie and Sam and Mex and Kayla, lonely tonight as pack member Lola awaits possible surgery in the morning at the vet.” Get better soon, Lola!

Only 668 days left

Over at whatdidyoueat, we got squirrels, courtesy of sher. Ths squirrels are quite cute, but Upsie reminds us they won't be cute forever. Don't worry, Upsie, we still love you!

Kashim and Othello deal with workmen around the house and stressed nerves, but that doesn't mean Othello doesn't have time for a little Olive Ciabatta. Yum!

Over at xenogere, Kazon is doing well today after an upset stomach earlier in the week. “He?s definitely acting like himself again,” and we think he's looking quite handsome, too.

Next we drop in the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats. Mini helps out mom with jewelry, while Boni gets into the nip stash and now looks pretty strung out on the carpet. Reminds me of some of those wild parties we used to have around here…if it was a little later in the day, who knows we might have to join in the fun w/ Boni and Mini…

Meanwhile, China Cat and Willow enjoy springtime in the porch. And who doesn't love springtime on the porch?

At masak-masak, it's all about the action as Fluffy gets ready to sharpen her claws on the palm tree. Yes, she gets her own palm tree. Things aren't quite as happy for the “boy cat [who] had to take his medicine.” We hope he gets better soon.

It's fun and games with Kate in the Kitchen and Busopher and Harmon. Can you see the cats in this picture? They look way too innocent in that photo, something must be going down…

A wonderfull photograph of Tess in the afternoon sun awaits at The Hidden Paw. Very well done!

A special exclusive this week as Cato meets the Great White Hope of Fatah al Felidae. I think this is one of those moments when we need to say “the opinions expressed here do not reflect the opinions of CatSynth.com, its staff or sponsors.” I have enough trouble at the airports as it is ;-).

We make a new friend this weekend: Nitro from meowers from missouri. Read as he defends himself on 13 points. From what, we can only imagine…

It's Toes Woes weekend at Artsy Catsy, where a very contrite-looking Rocky begs forgiveness for dislocating a toe of his human-artist Suzanne.

Of course, the pet-food poison scare continues to concern many of us. Chuysuli has written an open letter to the makers of some popular pet-food brands.

Tatts is looking really comfy over at the BeesHIVE. I love to see cats rolling around on the sidewalk like that when I'm out on one of my walks…

Over at Rosa's Yummy Yums, the photogenic Fridolin is emperor of his domain, at least of his cat tree…

At music and cats, there's no question of who was the alpha kitten. Now that the kitties are all grown up, though, it seems like Sergei is still the “alpha kitten.” Some things never change.

Bienvenue to a new friend from France! Moon plays chat et souris. Hey, we have both a Moon and a Luna this weekend.

It's a lazy Sunday over at Pet's Garden. Whoa, am I seeing triple? Or is just some of Boni's catnip for H(M)BC?

Laziness seems to be in abundance this Sunday, for humans and felines alike at kross-eyed kitty. We, too, know the joy of a shared nap together.

Baci gets to celebrate his very first spring over at fourfurrycats. And what better way to celebrate the arrive of spring than with some fine BBQ? That steak is looking pretty tasty… White wine doesn't quite pair with steak, but this label is still apropos.

The title says it all at Restaurant Widow: You can't look at this picture without being filled with joy. Go take a look, and you won't be able to deny it. Those are some amazing little blue eyes…

It's the battle of the fuzziest as wetseringhills. It's pretty much a toss-up, but I think Luna and I could give Barrett and Colin a good challenge in the fur department.

We'll keep posting to the roundup throughout the weekend (as long as we can get ourselves up off our comfy surfaces), so keep those posts coming!

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  1. Hello. My your kitty sure does look comfy! I hope your weekend is fabulous! Here is my link to my kitty, Tatts doing what he does…

  2. Yawn! Seems like it's a sleepy kind of Sunday everywhere! Mao and his Human can't seem to peel themselves off the couch…

  3. I think you forgot to add me in the first time round–I left my entry in the first posting. Here it is again:



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