Worthless Kitty Interlude: Rathergood.com chillin' kittens

From rathergood.com original home of the “Viking Kittens”, comes this cool “chill-out” kitten combo. It's actually grown on me a bit, and it's been a nice diversion playing on the iMac in my office while I toil away on a nearby PC. Yes, it's been a pretty rough couple of days…

The music is “We Like The Music (latino remix)” by John B.

Thanks to our friend jellypizza for calling this out. Not sure I quite get the Soprano's reference, but ok…

2 thoughts on “Worthless Kitty Interlude: Rathergood.com chillin' kittens

  1. hey, jelly pizza here…a little late, sorry.

    let's see if i can make coherent sense connecting the dots, so to speak, and explain the reference.

    since that lovely ginger cat showed up and is prominently featured in the last sopranos episode, i thought — hey, "T" could find a new life in friday cat blogging.

    rather than being a symbol of "death," as paulie said, the cat really is a symbol of ongoing life and renewal and a glimmer of tony's emerging compassionate humanity. [see, melfi? your therapy was working, despite your being bullied by that mob of "peers" and their studies! you should have stood by your patient and walked away from that gang of emotionally marauding sociopaths using your patients as fodder for dinner party cant, as brutal as tony snuffing the out of control christopher.]

    and i thought his adopting the cat despite centuries of superstitious injunctions was cool — miles davis cool.

    he was "leaving home," as john bradshaw would say when patients got better.

    then i remembered some of the coolest cats & 1 chinchilla i have come across in all my years wandering around the web, and who am i to pass up an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. [argh.]

    BAM! cools cats meet and hook up in my brain, such as it is. 😉

    by the way, speaking of sopranos, have you seen the clinton knock-off? i bet you'd recognize the diner given half the chance. i did on the first viewing, shouting "hey, that's the blank blank diner!!!"

    thanks for stopping by.

    just a small-town [armonk] girl,
    hoping those rough couple of days are well behind you

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