Bad Kitty Chaos #5 and Carnival of the Cats

Well, time for the second “cat blogging” post this weekend. The Bad Kitty Cats Festival Of Chaos Edition 5 is being hosted by Megan and “Snot Face” Madeline at Disturbed Reality. The theme this week is birds and feathers, so we are pulling out this photo from the CatSynth archives, illustrating Luna's fondness for birds:

Luna loves to track all sorts of creatures, feathered or otherwise, though her favorite bedroom and studio windows.

Getting away from the offical theme, this really has been a weekend of discontent on so many fronts. And while I'm trying to spend as much of it outdoors, time inside being cuddly with Luna remains a great refuge. This photo was taken w/ the built-in camera on my MacBook when Luna decided to park herself on my lap for some serious affection and purrs:

She really is a remarkable creature, sweet and loving in additional that sleek body and perfectly manicured fur. The astute viewer may also notice her affectionately extended paw against the black background.

More feline escapes can be found at the festival of chaos, as well as Carnival of the Cats hosted by Grace and Kittens.

5 thoughts on “Bad Kitty Chaos #5 and Carnival of the Cats

  1. wow, she is a beauty. My Zorro is all black with green eyes. He's usually good. Until this weekend. I don't want to deal with him for a couple days and he's OK with that.

    I have to check out that carnival of cats. thanks for the link.

  2. This is a nice picture of Luna. She looks so relaxed… I would be too if I was getting a 'massage'. 🙂 Hugs and kisses to Luna.

  3. hi again:

    I'm really enjoying your blog and would like to present you with this "award" thing that I got. You may not desire to participate and there is no problem with that, but I want to express my appreciation for your blog:

    Looking forward to more in the future.

  4. Luna we would love some of your Therapy! Did your Dad let you get out to see the birdie up close? you have the best black furs… beautiful.

    Amar, we are purring and purring you have a great week ahead. Life get's a bit out of order and off balance once in a while but if you need us just email! Sending hugs and Love to you!

    It was great having you join in the BKCFOC! 🙂

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