Unemployed life, week 2

Well, week two of unemployment comes to a close. Unlike week one, I actually had to deal with stuff here. Lots of paperwork, including my first encounter with California's unemployment system. Unemployment insurance is handled by the Employment Development Department (EDD). Although it was relatively easy to apply for unemployment insurance online, I have to file bi-weekly claims and proof that I'm looking for work, on paper via snail mail. I don't even have current-rate stamps around. You think they could handle this online as well, but then once you start reading the questions, maybe not. Remember, the unemployment system is intended to cover all sorts of employment, whether you do advanced software development for music and art, or turn a big crank in factory somewhere, or shift paper from one pile of forms to another. It definitely was not designed with my job skills or amibitious in mind. Mostly, they just want to know that you're still eligible to work, not sick or injured, and that you're actively looking. The last one requires that I show that I am applying for work at least once a week, and not turning things down for no good reason. And that you also file your resume with CalJobs. My favorite question on that site was “Are you dislocated from your previous occupation or industry?” “Dislocation” is an intereting choice of words. Sounds painful. Anyhow, this is all fine if you're just “trying to work,” but not if you're waiting for the right job. I'm hoping they just don't care, as long as I fill out the forms, and start sending those small but still significant unemployment checks.

So between unemployment and severance, both paid in part by “the good people” at Creative Labs, things are OK for now. I'm a little more worried about the health insurance, especially in light of possible “dislocations.” Ouch. I've already had a couple of issues with health insurance, which is supposed to be paid for through the end of August. I was assured by my former employers that the whole “coverage expired” thing was just an error from the benefits department, and that it would be corrected soon. But hey, I've seen Sicko – it was my “patriotic” activity this past July 4th – and how bad things can get. So until that gets straightened out, Luna has better medical coverage than I do. Let's hope there's no car accidents in the near future…

On the positive side, I have started looking into new jobs and other opportunities – even some meetings and interviews. I can't really say more, though…

…now back to the cats and/or music.

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  1. I'm sorry about the insurance. It really sux. For some reason, whenever there's a termination, something goes wrong – either insurance or employment insurance, something – transition is never smooth. I hope your insurance gets straighten out quickly.

    Good luck on job hunting. Hugz.

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