12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Apropos

  1. I believe you [i]did[/i] see the picture.

    It's a subtle reference to our state of mind here at CatSynth.

  2. This blank WW leaves one's imagination to run freely. However, I do know that you and luna have been away from each other lots. 🙁 for you both. Lots of huggles.

  3. I second what "Kitty" said about huggles, without saying anything, of course. After all, it's WW. [I finally "got" it.]

    Who made up WW anyway — the silent master of Pete Townshend, [url=http://www.sheriarbooks.org/Merchant2/graphics/items/phar123558_rb.jpg]Meher Baba?[/url]:)

  4. Getting an early drop on The Luna Party! And sending many loves and hugs and kisses. We are sorry you are having some troubles. You know our email if you need to talk. We are here for you.

    Love you Amar and Luna



    And yes a great WW. It can be a slight bit dark out sometimes. But the light will return. Love you all!

  5. 🙁 Luna, Amar, we are a bit worried!!
    What happened that made you feel that way??

    sending hugs and love and many many comforting purrs
    Kashim & Othello + Astrid

  6. Where is Luna and Amar? We must gather a hunting party and locate our friends. We miss you all. Love you both. Please come back soon…

  7. Um, hope yall are feelin better.
    We hearded it was Luna's purrthday today. Happy Purrthday Luna 🙂
    Alla Us

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