Nin, Mount Washington Observatory cat, Retires

Well, meeyauw is quite the place for interesting reads this week. In addition to the Mobius transformation video, we have this story of Mount Washington's official cat:

Nin, the black-and-white house cat who for a dozen years patrolled the Northeast's highest peak as the Mount Washington Observatory's mascot, was officially retiring Wednesday and moved off the mountain to a valley home…
…Nin, a former stray, has been popular among visitors to the summit. His photo and a short profile are included on the staff section of the observatory's Web site.

You can read the full story here.

Apparently there is quite a long tradition of cats at the observatory on Mount Washington, the tallest peak in the northeastern US. I did visit the peak as a kid over twenty years ago, but don't recall encountering any cats. Indeed, the main pre-occupation was the nasty weather and high winds, I remember being nearly blown over by one gust. Cats are generally more nimble than humans, but it must take a certain amount of skill and judgment to Mount Washington's official cat.

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