Weekend cat blogging and more: photos old and new

Some readers may recall we ended up using an older camera a couple of weeks ago for Luna's birthday pics:

Well, older cameras sometimes have older photos stored in them. Here is photo of Luna from sometime probably in 2005:

With things such a mess right now, I don't really want to search through our photo archives to find the exact information on it. But it's always fun to see Luna “then and now.”

Weekend Cat Blogging #132 is at Life from a Cat's Perspective. Enjoy some “festive feline holiday music” while visiting.

Megan and Braum of the “Bad Kitty Cats” are hosting the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos with optional theme “story time.” Perhaps we'll find time to share a story this weekend as well.

The Carnival of the Cats will be happening this Sunday at Mind of Mog. And of course the Friday Ark #169 is at the modulator

5 thoughts on “Weekend cat blogging and more: photos old and new

  1. well, hello there, miss luna & mr. amar…how nice to see your luna #1 [in your heart]. and it's special that you have found an old treasure, i suppose you could consider that the upside of moving living in temporary chaos!

    thanks for stopping by. have a happy weekend together.


  2. Luna, you haven't age a bit 🙂 What's the secret? Glad you had a good birthday. Take care of your dad now, hear? Hugs to both you and your dad.

  3. Hi Amar and Luna, We are sending great love! Hope things are going ok for you… we certainly have you in our thoughts. Luna is so sleek and beautiful in these pics. I love them.

    Pretty cool finding old pics ! ~ Happy Holidays Friends – Love you

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