Weekend Cat Blogging and more

A busy weekend here, so we present a couple more photos from our cat sitter Ronni West:

Luna has this wonderful wide-eyed expression in many of these photos. You can see another example in this recent post. We'll miss our pet sitter when we move.

Weekend Cat Blogging #136 will be hosted this weekend at Chey's Place.

The Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos will be happening at the House of the Mostly Black Cats.

Carnival of the Cats is coming to Life from a Cat's Perspective on Sunday.

And a special note for Carnival of the Cats founder Laurence Simon, who lost his feline companion Frisky this week. Are thoughts go out to Laurence, Gina and Nardo.

Finally, the Friday Ark #173 is at the modulator.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging and more

  1. Very cute pictures of Luna ! The catsitter would be a little far away for me, lol ! Fortunately since over 30 years my neighbor takes care of our cats when we are away.

  2. I think that the pet sitter needs to move with you. My pet sitter, the only pet sitter I have known is now out of the biz. She said I was her first and her last client visit. She also said that she was tired of working holidays. I said, but you got to see me on holidays! She said that I was the best kitty, but she wanted a holiday for herself. 🙁

  3. Luna can come stay wif us if she needs a place to hang out. She'd fit rite in here at the House of the Mostly Black Cats!
    Fanks for joining the Bad Kitty Cats festival of Chaos this week!
    Sanjee and the gang

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