Weekend Cat Blogging and more: V-Day edition

We at CatSynth present our own “Valentine's Edition” this weekend:

Actually, the pink “kitty” heart is among Luna's favorite toys. I placed all of Luna's toys downstairs after the move, and it was one of the first I found on the floor in the loft upstairs. But despite being well loved in the that toys often are, it has managed to survive for two years. Indeed, we saw Luna playing with it in some photos from Weekend Cat Blogging in 2006.

The astute observer might notice the black yarn that used be part of this toy.

“Valentine's Edition” is the theme of this weekend's Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos, hosted by SnotFace & Merlin Kitchen at Bad Kitty Cats Journal.

Weekend Cat Blogging #141 is being hosted by Samantha and Tigger at Life from a Cat's Perspective.

The Carnival of the Cats will take place on Sunday at Mind of Mog. And of course Friday Ark #178 is at the modulator.

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