Weekend Cat Blogging: Embracing Modernism

As we continue to adjust to our new life, we see Luna exploring our new surroundings:

The sun has finally shown up as well.

With all the additional space, I have been free to push the modern glass-and-metal look that I have always wanted. And the architecture of our home supports that with its own modernist features:

Luna's sleek elegance fits into the design as well. And she seems to enjoy it. She will make a great city cat.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging: Embracing Modernism

  1. It's good to see Luna exploring and making this place her own, not just the white chair.

    Luna, is 'under the table' one of your favourite spots now? Huggles.

  2. home sweet home. it sure looks like it was made for her, it's beautiful. i love the wall color.

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