Hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #147

We're hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #147 here at CatSynth this weekend!
Even though we're still surrounded by half-unpacked boxes, bare walls and disorganized shelves, we're happy to be hosting our first “San Francisco edition”, and looking forward to a big round-up.

To participate, leave a comment on this post, or contact us.

Note: There is a bug in our comment system that blocks a very small number of people. We'll try and fix this as soon as we can, but if you have trouble, please contact us.

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9 thoughts on “Hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #147

  1. HI our lovely friends Amar and Luna!
    Our WCB this weekend is dedicated to Upsie and Sher. [url=][/url]

    we love you! Amar, please hug Luna real tight for us!

    Astrid, Kashim & Othello

  2. We're still awaiting the first warmer days of Spring…..

    and the cats are dealing with it fairly well


  3. Thanks for being such good hosters!
    Zandakitty is having trouble with her workout, today…

  4. [i]…surrounded by half-unpacked boxes[/i]

    Purrfect for little places to hide & feel sad & be happy at the same time, too, for having known Upsie. [url=]Kitties love boxes, of course.[/url]

    Luna, can you play some aquatic mewsic for us? Maybe little fishes will show up for treat time.

  5. Thanks for hosting. My WCB entry this weekend is [url=][/url]

  6. Thanks for hosting this weekend! Now that it's getting to be Spring here, at least one neighbor cat is out guarding his garden: [url=][/url]

  7. Good to hear you're hosting WCB. Thank you.

    Luna, in case you play with those half-unpacked boxes, becareful not to break anything, ok?

  8. Thanks for doing a Fabulous job hosting!
    Here is our entry!
    Pet and The Brats, plus LoliTheGreatDane

  9. Thanks for hosting.
    Here is the brats entry:

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